Best Taco I Have Ever Eaten

Last week I was on a business trip to San Diego. We flew into Los Angeles and drove down. For some reason, Airtran isn’t flying into San Diego at the moment. They say it is “Off Season.” I can’t figure it out. The flights are always packed to capacity. I can’t believe that winter months are that down for travelers to San Diego. Seems like more folks would travel to sunny San Diego those months. But… I digress.

We fired up Urban Spoon to find a place to eat. We finally decided to check out a place called Taco Grill. It is located in Westminster off the 405.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I was hungry or not, but dang that was a good taco. I’d say it was the Best Taco I have Ever Eaten. I’ve said in the past that I am a very picky eater. Tacos for me consist of meat, cheese, and shell. I had two tacos that just about melted my face. They were seasoned perfectly.

The restaurant is in an unsuspecting location next to a laundry-mat. The folks staffing the restaurant were very nice.

As soon as we left, I thought to myself that I would be happy to write a review for this place. I haven’t reviewed restaurants before on my blog, and probably won’t again, but there is nothing wrong with giving some link juice to surprising and unsuspecting businesses like this (even though it is for their yelp  All small businesses struggle with economy woes, customers who choose to only speak up with negative remarks after bad experiences, and competition from the bigger chain restaurants.

So since we’re talking tacos… When and where have you had the best tasting taco?

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3 thoughts on “Best Taco I Have Ever Eaten

  1. Cheeky in Suwanee off P’tree Ind. I used to eat there some when I worked at the Fresh Market up there. They have a fish taco, crab cake taco, and chorizo taco that can’t be beat. Everything is fresh and you can get a combo that comes with one of each. The best is the poblano slaw that is on top of the fish taco. Fish tacos are highly underrated.

  2. I would say Taco Depot at Sugarloaf and Old Norcross is the best Taco I’ve ever had… But then again, I’m not real picky when it comes to Tacos.