Google, You’ve Let Me Down… But I’m Still OK with It

I was looking for a sermon series that Perry Noble did last year at Newspring. They started 2009 taking 5-6 months going through the Sermon on the Mount. I was hoping to find audio from one particular Sunday. This was my Google Search:

newspring sermon on the mount series audio

Well, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find this gem!

The PDF contains Breakout Notes to their Service Planning Process. Apparently the breakout was done at Unleash ’09.

The Notes contain:

  • Newspring’s Sunday Schedule (although I am sure it has changed as they’ve added services and locations
  • What the Worship Team looks like
  • How they do Baptism and Communion
  • The Creative Process
  • How Rehearsals are done
  • How Invitations are handled
  • How does Newspring take care of staff and Volunteers
  • A few Leadership Nuggets

Not exactly what I was looking for when I fired up Google, but the search results were still very relevant to some questions that I was wanting answered.

You can Download the PDF here

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