My Fun Week With Customer Service

I have had one of those weeks in which I nearly lost my mind dealing with a customer service issue. All I needed was a simple SSL installed on a website. For some of you, you have no idea what I am writing about, others… you know exactly.

Here is how it started:

Would someone please call me. With all of the logins and websites to go to, it is very confusing where to go to and what to do.  My phone number is ….. I really would like someone to help walk me through this. It is very frustrating to me as the user.


<The Response>

I believe the information is shown crystal clear on our website when you purchase the Static IP Addon. On Step 2  -> Static IP Addon, you will see that the $15.00 setup fee is shown there.

We have nothing to hide here and we disclose everything crystal clear on our website. Once this is settled, I can then assign a static IP, generate a CSR and then the SSL

If there is anything you like to clarify, please advise and I will get back to you ASAP.

Kind Regards,

Support Team

Instead of  giving you the back and forth banter between myself and the ‘support team’ let me give you the bullet list of what happened:

  • I explain that their website isn’t as ‘crystal clear’ as they think it is
  • They finally point me in the right direction on how to make the one time fee payment for the static IP
  • After making the payment, they promptly kill the website by making the new static IP active.
  • They tell me that the site works fine for them.
  • I tell them that it doesn’t work for me.
  • Seeing as I felt it was unacceptable for the site to be down, I ask for the site to be reverted to original state, and schedule the static IP change for a time that would not affect the site up-time.
  • They did not listen to me.
  • Finally the site is live and functioning on the new static IP
  • Many, Many Many more help tickets as I work on getting SSLs added to the site.

All of this communication happened through a ‘help ticket’ system. Never did they call me. I had no way to call them. There was no live chat. They were not interested in my suggestions in using google chat. Email address? Nope. However, Tonight at about 10:30 after nearly a week of working through the issues, the site is functioning and is secure.

At some point during the past few days, I started thinking about how we can give poor or good customer service to those who are seeking answers. Here are some of the thoughts that came to mind:

How can I ensure that if someone has questions for me, I am available to answer them? Note, I’m not just talking business related questions. If someone asks me why I wear the cross around my neck (actual conversation recently), that means that I should jump at the opportunity to tell them about Christ.

I also thought about how difficult some churches make it for people who are not able to speak the “church” language to find answers to their questions? This is something that I get convicted about every once in a while. The “support team” that I was dealing with thought that the language on their website was “crystal clear.” I wonder a lot if the language that we say, teach, preach, sing in our churches is nothing more than a stumbling block to those looking for answers. I believe that we must evaluate our “christianese” on a fairly regular basis to ensure that we’re not leaving some behind merely because they can’t follow the dialogue.

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