My First Cup of Coffee Ever

This past Monday, I turned 34 years old. For many years, I didn’t enjoy birthdays. I’m not sure why. I think it may be due to the fact that often my birthday fell on or during spring break when school was normally out, therefore I would would miss the opportunity to celebrate with the few friends that I actually had.

I’ve now been married almost 12 years and have two daughters. Birthdays have become a definite celebration. I am thankful as I reflect back on how my attitude used to be regarding birthdays and how I feel about them now. God is so good to have made that little change in me. He has taught me the joys of celebrating birthdays with those I love.

I’m not real sure why that is relevant to this story… in fact, it isn’t. Especially since this post is mostly about coffee.


I mentioned here that I was going to be trying something entirely new on my birthday. That’s right. Coffee.

A few weeks back I found out that my brother was going to be in town during my birthday. My brother, Chad, has long been a coffee addict connoisseur. I used to say that he drank enough coffee for the both of us, which is why I had never tried it. The reality is, I’ve never been interested to try it. I don’t particularly like the smell, and the few times that I’ve been tricked by thinking that the jelly belly jelly bean that I was about to eat was chocolate or caramel… but turned out to be coffee, were enough for me to say no to actually drinking the stuff.

All this changed when a co-worker told me of something that they do regarding coffee.

Apparently sometime in the 70s, Joe started having 1 cup of coffee every 5 years. Since then, every 5 years, he has one cup of coffee. Yep, I’m weird that way, so I decided that this would be an interesting tradition to start and something fun for me to try out.

Now, I’m sure some of you will actually care enough to watch the 10+ minute video. Parts of it are actually funny to me. Others of you won’t, so I figured I’d bullet out some of the high points.

  • My brother Chad and three co-workers (Tom, Dean, and Evan) went with me to Starbucks to watch me ‘enjoy’ my first cup of coffee.
  • Tall Drip
  • Tree bark

If you care, here is the video that Tom shot from his iPhone. Edited for your viewing pleasure.

So, now that I’ve broken down and have had my first cup of coffee, do you think I should wait five years until my next one, or just give in to the temptation as it comes? Did I do the wrong thing in going to Starbucks for my first cup?

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11 thoughts on “My First Cup of Coffee Ever

  1. This video was a great way to spend my lunch break in my cube. I laughed – especially loved the tree bark comment.

    Good stuff! Sure you don’t wanna have it more regularly ;)?

    • Thanks Tom. Tell your friends 🙂

      I think I’ll play it by ear. If the need arises, and coffee is the alternative, I might have it.

  2. Brave video. Putting yourself out there. Maybe try something with a more chocolate/caramel flavor. I hear that stuff is good. I don’t know.

    The best comment was the “gateway food” comment. Don’t know who said it, but hopefully there’s some truth to that. You’re missing out my friend… just not on the coffee. Its terrible.

  3. LOVE the video! I’m keeping this page up to show Jason tonight.

    Oh, phew, I was thinking, “You tried your first cup BLACK???”

    Um, yeah, totally should be Dunkin Donuts for plain coffee (w/ cream & sugar). At Starbucks, stick to the specialty drinks (Fraps, mochas, etc.). We don’t even have Dunkins in Seattle…sigh.

    Pardon me, I need to go finish my morning coffee…out of my Starbucks mug…