Notes on The Normal Christian Life – Part 1

Yesterday my pastor’s sermon was titled “The Normal Christian Life.” While everyone fails to meet the standard that God has set for us to live, The sermon is a reminder that even as born-again believers we have expectations and standards from God that we often fail to meet.

The main points of the sermon dealt with the fact that our lives should reflect a life centered on prayer, a life that commands spiritual power, and a life that is committed to Christ. I want to focus on these three points. First starting with a life centered on prayer.

The main scripture was from Acts 16, where Paul was annoyed by the fortune telling girl outside the place that they were going for prayer. This bit of scripture is only one example of places in the Bible that mention that gathering for corporate prayer is both important and expected of Christians. It should be normal behavior. The early church is mentioned in Acts 2 that they gather together for teaching, breaking of bread (communion) and in prayers. (Acts 2:41-43)

I am gonna deviate from the sermon now and insert my own thoughts on this. You ready?

When it comes to prayer, I believe that we often reduce God to being the genie in the lamp (and believe me…I’m the most guilty of this.) We bring our requests to Him during times where we need or want something. We may think we are submitting to His rule over our lives, but we haven’t really submitted to His purposes in the world around us. Now, that being said, the Bible specifically points out that prayer is supposed to be the norm. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. It says “you have not, because you ask not.” Jesus gives us instructions on how we should pray. We could go on and on about the place for prayer and how it should be normal for Christians.

Tomorrow, I’ll cover the 2nd point of the sermon where we should lead a life that commands spiritual power.

So… all good blog posts deserve the hanging question. Do you believe that we reduce God to a genie or do we only go to Him with selfish needs?

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