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2 thoughts on “A Great Commission Resurgence

  1. Forgive my cynicism…I go to a SBC…But this feels like when Johnny Ive called the iPad “magical.”

    Like yes, it is a really big, important vision…But it’s kinda the same as what we’ve been doing all along. I hope it works, and that the Holy Spirit gets behind it, but my faith in denominations as the future of the church is nil.

    Don’t get me wrong either, I’m *SO* excited for what’s happening in the church right now, I just don’t think it will have the denominational tag attached.

    • I totally understand the feelings about the SBC. The problems with the convention as a whole in my eyes are due to the way we are clinging to the past. The reasons why I am behind this particular charge are because this begins to break those walls that are up. It will allow the IMB to do what it does best in reaching foreign people groups in north America.

      Secondly, we need unity. Not only as a convention, but between local churches. This could be the jumping point for the sbc to actually embrace locking arms and working beside other denominations or non denominational churches. I believe this could spark some of that maturity.

      The sbc is able to function. I think it has lost it’s way over the past 20 years. You and me both came from it and it should be possible to see where the sbc went off course and get back on.