Ecclesiastes – Chapter 1

I wrote a few weeks ago about my reading of the book of Psalms… well, I finally made it through Psalms and Proverbs.

And am slowly chewing on Ecclesiastes.

I’m thinking I may turn this into a teaching series for our student ministry. I might even use it in an adult setting.

Chapter 1 takeaways:

  • Meaningless, Meaningless, Meaningless.
  • No Matter how hard I work, it will always be there.
  • Wealth don’t matter
  • Power don’t matter
  • Religion don’t matter
  • Work don’t matter
  • Pleasure don’t matter

Trying to replace God with anything other than Himself is Sin. Once we’ve realized that, and once we’ve returned God in the correct and rightful position, we can use the gifts that He’s given us (wealth, power…) for His purposes. Only then, will those things and our lives be meaningful.

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