Ecclesiastes – Chapter 2

I wrote a few weeks ago about my reading of the book of Psalms… well, I finally made it through Psalms and Proverbs.

And am slowly chewing on Ecclesiastes. Thoughts about chapter 2 here.

I had a great time discussing it in our adult Sunday school class this past Sunday. Tomorrow, I’m going to hit the student ministry with it.

Chapter 2 takeaways:

  • I have to remind myself of how rich Solomon was. He had everything at his fingertips. The Houses, Vineyards, Parks that he built were grand scale.
  • He didn’t find meaning in these projects.
  • The parties that he had and the people he must have had in his tribe of followers had to have been CRAZY. Again, no meaning in those relationships and those parties.
  • His wisdom remained with him during this ‘experiment’

Nothing will fill the void that our lives have except for Christ.

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