My Thoughts about Fox News Prompted by “Stuff Christians Like” on CNN

OK, Christian. If you’re not reading Stuff Christians Like, <sarcasm>you’re missing out on how to have life and have it to the full.</sarcasm>

How surprised was I to see this tweet from Jonathan Acuff today:

Click here to read the entire article from John that was on CNN’s website.

Point number 2 is classic SCL.

2. We’re pretty sure Fox News is baptizing people in their lobby.

I’ve never been to their station, but I have to believe that Fox News has a lobby fountain that they dunk people in. And Bill O’Reilly makes each guest take communion. And “Fox” is actually a Hebrew word that means, “Station that cares more about redemption than ratings.” Not really, but in Christian culture, it’s clear which side we tend to side with. And even though I’m a conservative guy who digs Fox, they’re a news station just like CNN. They’re not a ministry. Glenn Beck isn’t a priest and watching “Fox & Friends” isn’t like “tithing your time.”

I find point #2 funny, because it is soooooo true. So many Christians that I know have this view of Fox News. I’ve not had a very high view of them lately. I can’t stand Sean Hanity. His voice is like fingers on the chalkboard. His “You’re a Great American… No You’re a Great American… BARF!” I understand what he’s trying to do, but shut-up!

And have you seen Fox News’ website? Josh brought this to my attention once. They tout themselves as the conservative choice. Everyday, This kinda crap is on their homepage. (This was from today)

Really Fox News, Really. Do you think that this is fair and balanced?

So… Jonathan Acuff. I salute you. As Normal, you hit it right on the head. You’re one Great American.

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