If this fire is from God, He will pour gasoline on it.

I read a quote recently on Dave Ferguson‘s site from Perry Noble regarding the difference between his entrepreneurial drive and prompting from the Holy Spirit.

  1. “Make sure it is an idea you can’t get away from.” – See if the idea sticks around and continues to surface in your imagination and conversation. If you can’t get away from the idea, it may be from God.
  2. “Give it time.” – Don’t think you have to act on every dream. Do what Moses told God’s people do, “wait”. Wait for other people to confirm. Wait to see it is confirmed in scripture. Wait for it to be confirmed in prayer. If it is confirmed, it may be from God.
  3. “If this fire is from God, He will pour gasoline on it.” – Ask God to help you see the world the way he sees the world. This can be painful, but it can also open your eyes to what God really wants. If the spark turns into a flame, it may be from God.

Point three is what sticks out to me. The times that I have seen God move in areas around me, there was accelerant poured all over the situation.  This is why we should be looking for areas that God is already at work and joining Him there. This was the takeaway that I remember having when I read Henry Blackaby’s book Experiencing God several years ago. God is always at work around us, we just need to get involved in His work where He is.

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