Walking Around Naked

Reading in Isaiah 20 this morning. It is a short chapter in which God asks his prophet Isaiah to “Loose the sackcloth from your waist and take off your sandals from your feet.” Isaiah did so and walked around naked and barefoot.

This wasn’t some cosmic truth or dare either. Look at verse 3. God says, “My servant Isaiah has walked around naked and barefoot for three years as a sign and a portent against Egypt…”

God had a message that he wanted to convey to various people groups. Isaiah was going to be the voice of this message. However, he was asked to give the message in a creative way. Let’s face it, walking around naked for three years is going to draw a little attention. Isaiah isn’t going to have a pulpit to hide behind. He is full Monty as he proclaims God’s truth and pending judgment.

There is another truth that I get out of this story. While the Word of God is living and active, profitable, able to divide, a sword and true, I think that it is our responsibility to “get naked” every once in a while so that we can present it in a creative and crazy manner.

I think you can say the same thing of Jesus. What was crazy about Jesus was the environments in which he taught. The environmental backdrops that he stood at when he spoke truth, whether to a mass of people or one on one were greatly creative. Check out a few of these backdrops.

  • Peter’s boat to a large gathering of people. Had to push the boat off shore so that people could see and hear.
  • Woman at the well talking about living water.
  • On a hillside with thousands and thousands on hand to listen to whatever word he would utter.
  • Upper room with the disciples before his arrest.
  • The Cross. Where no one would listen, but every one would hear.

The message is the same and does not change. The delivery vehicle and the creativity behind the message is able to change.  We may not have been called to strip our clothes down and walk around naked for 3 years, but I believe you can find truth in the Bible that commands us to strip down of our concept of religion and just speak the simple and naked truth of Jesus.

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