Why I almost unsubscribed from Todd Friel’s “Wretched” Newsletter

Out of the gate, I have to admit that it has been a LONG time since I have listened to Todd Friel. I used to listen to The Way of the Master podcast  just about every day. Somewhere along the way, perhaps between computers or iPods, I ceased to listen. Nothing against Todd. In fact, I liked Todd’s humor and wit.  A bit extreme in my book, but a brother none the less with a heart for the lost and strong Biblical theology. Anyway, the point is… I lost track of the podcast/program and had occasionally wondered what happened to it. I’ve been following Ray Comfort on Twitter, but not really following any of the other folks.

For months, I have been receiving the “Wretched” email newsletters in my in box. Not entirely sure how I got subscribed to it, but I do know that I have had no idea until today that this newsletter had anything to do with Todd. I didn’t know that somewhere along the way, The Way of the Master Radio Show got killed canceled and the show/ministry became Wretched Radio. Until now, I’ve been hitting the big ‘ole delete button each month on these newsletters.

Luckily, before I completely unsubscribed, meaning I would have never known the source of the content… I actually decided to download the pictures contained in the newsletter. This is when I saw Todd’s Freakishly Tall Figure grinning back at me.

So, I didn’t unsubscribe. In fact I’m gonna head on over and try to subscribe to the audio podcast. It was always informative and entertaining. If you’re like me and have missed out on this somehow… now you know.

Here’s a little more Information about Wretched with Todd Friel.

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