Enough with BP. Let’s talk about You and Me

59 days have elapsed since the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico began. I’m already accepting the fact that my yearly trip to Panama City is not going to happen this summer. We’ve begun to look at alternative locations for a family get away.

We could go on and on about BP and blame. We could point at all the corrupt politicians in Washington and start placing blame on how this could have happened, how it could have been avoided, how we can clean it up… I could link to the streaming video of the oil shooting out of the ocean floor. I could take you to the site that will show you how large the oil spill is in comparison to where you live. What good does any of this really do?

I think John Dyer makes a good argument that We wanted BP to cut those corners that they did. “It is about the corporate sin of humanity bent toward selfishness at every turn.”

I’m not an “environmentalist” I’m no tree hugger, but I realize that we’ve selfishly dealt with the creation that God entrusted us with. We are in it for ourselves.

By the way… boycotting BP is only going to hurt those individuals who own and work at the BP gas stations. It ain’t going to hurt BP at all.

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2 thoughts on “Enough with BP. Let’s talk about You and Me

  1. Saw the Dyer piece earlier today. Really thought provoking stuff.

    And I totally agree with you about boycotting BP. I know we want them to feel the sting, but I’m disinclined to hold our BP manager responsible for the failings of the company at large.