One Voice Acappella – Your Love Oh Lord

It is difficult to believe that about 10 years ago I was singing with a group of guys that I grew up with at Norcross High School (well, there was that one home schooled kid) in a christian a cappella group.

We sang in hundreds of churches (I think that is accurate, my brain is going bad as I get old) and even produced a CD called Instrument of Praise. Our very last concert we had the opportunity to ‘open’ for the christian group ‘Acappella’ and that was a blast.

It is actually quite funny if you do a google search or youtube search for one voice acappella. You’ll find many groups that have the same name, but we were the originals… well at least we owned the URL for a while.

Years later, we’ve grown up and moved apart from each other. I’m the last person that is still in the city of Norcross. Let’s see:

  • Andy Johnson – Dallas, Texas
  • Nathan Lee – St Petersburg, Florida
  • Jason Woolwine – Seattle, Washington
  • Eric Nunn – Flowery Branch, Georgia
  • Erik Bomboy – Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Kevin Nunn, Singapore, Singapore
  • Keith Nunn, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Brandon O’dell – Lawrenceville, Georgia

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to load up our CD onto this amazing thing called the world wide web. Perhaps give some of you a listen to the good ‘ole days a decade ago. Some of the songs were covers of popular songs. Others were written by members in our group. Perhaps I can interview Keith and Brandon to see if they remember what they were going through that inspired the original songs.

First up is a little diddy made popular by the group Third Day titled “Your Love Oh Lord”. It has the silky smooth sounds of Nathan Lee. By the way, I was a bass.

Doh… my legal representation, Andy Johnson, has informed me that I shouldn’t post the songs that we ‘covered’ on the CD. Even though we paid all royalties and fees at the time, I am going to take it off the site. If you want a copy of the CD, let me know and I’ll make sure you get a chance to hear it. I may see if I can cut the MP3 down to a ‘snippet’ and post that instead.

No Audio Player Here 🙂

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