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The past couple days and extending over the next couple weeks, I have a series of posts where I’m looking back at songs that were recorded by One Voice Acappella, a group that I was in about 10 years ago.

Here’s the first post about Your Love Oh Lord.
Here’s yesterday’s post about It’s All From You.

Today’s song, song number 3 on the CD, is called Free. Again, Keith Nunn penned the lyrics to this one. His brother, Kevin sang the solo on this one.  Here are Keith’s thoughts on “Free”


I want to start this by saying that Steven Curtis Chapman is incredible. He music has inspired me for decades and it is so very obvious how much he is completely in love with God. There is no foul mood I can find myself in that I can’t get through and out of by listening to some of his music. It was a song of his that inspired mine of the same name. You can hear it on YouTube here:

When we are first saved it’s easy to remember that we’re new creations. We go through so much pomp and circumstance that it stays with us for a while. As the years go by, though, life has a way of trying to make you forget the gift that God gave you through His son. You take for granted that you’re forgiven and the familiar guilt starts to creep back in for those sins you commit. Steven Curtis Chapman’s lyrics were a constant reminder to me that the freedom I was given was not short-lived. It doesn’t fade with time or grow weak with age. If the Son has set you free you really are free indeed.

So I wanted to share that feeling with others. I wanted to express in my own way the reminder to anyone that would listen that our chains are unshackled and our burdens lifted. I wanted to remind others that salvation is not a temporary thing and our freedom does not diminish over time. The greatest gift ever given to mankind should never be out of our mind and it should be something that empowers us and renews us. It should be our source of greatest joy.

At the same time, I wanted anyone hearing it who had not yet experienced that freedom to realize that it wasn’t an exclusive club. Anyone can accept Christ as their savior and know that freedom. I wanted those still lost to see how much we had through God’s love. I may never know those it touched along the way but if no one else, God blessed me when He gave me the words and I thank Him for that.

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