One Voice Acappella – Instrument of Praise

Today’s song is actually song number 5 on the CD, but I’m giving Keith a break because “Welcome Home” was actually track #4. Keith, you have the weekend to get me your home work on that one.

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Instrument of Praise was written by Brandon O’Dell and the solo was sung by Nathan. This song became the title of the CD. I can’t remember the process that we went through in naming the CD, but I think we were all in agreement that this should be it. We decided to take a picture of a guitar with no strings on it for the cover (do you ‘get’ it?) That guitar picture was taken on my in-law’s fireplace as I recall, and I think Jenny Wilburn took the picture? Is that correct?

Anyway, the songs and lyrics that Brandon wrote were always heart felt. The creativity that God has given Brandon blows my mind. If only it could be harnessed for good. Oh, wait… it is. Brandon currently works for The reThink Group and writes curriculum for family ministries in churches all over the country. I asked Brandon to remember specifics behind this song. Here it is:

So there was this time in my life when I suffered from clinical depression. Mostly through college and then it would show it’s unwelcome face here and there for a few years after I graduated. And still, to a smaller degree, today. Whenever I would write lyrics usually, I’d sit down and think about what I was feeling at that precise moment and I’d write it down. It wouldn’t be poetic at all, just my honest opinions. And later I’d see if I could shape them into rhythm and rhyme.

In the case of ‘Instrument of Praise,’ however, the lyrics came quite by accident seemingly. I was on my knees in the common throes of depressive agony, begging for release from the sadness. Depression is different for everybody, but for me I was usually depressed because I couldn’t escape myself. Time was spent berating myself for MY mistakes and MY faults. On this night, I was praying God to help me take the focus off of me. I knew that in His all-knowing wisdom, what was happening to me was happening for His glory somehow and I needed to trust Him to see His work through to its fruition. I prayed, ‘Humble me. Break me. Do what it takes to make me…’ And then I stopped, thinking, ‘Hey, that rhymes.’ Those became the opening lyrics of the chorus. The rest came quickly as I described my sadness and how I wanted God to rescue me from ME by making me an instrument for HIM.

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5 thoughts on “One Voice Acappella – Instrument of Praise

  1. The words to this song still ring very true to me & move me whenever I hear them. I never thought of the song origins beginning as a prayer from Brandon’s heart. The truth is, I pray a similar prayer all the time. It’s just not as eloquent & doesn’t rhyme & stuff. I think if I tried to rhyme all my prayers, God would eventually get annoyed with me 🙂

    Thank you Brandon for sharing your heart.

  2. I’m enjoying it…I just hate we didn’t do it when we were still singing. I think it adds a completely new dimension to get the stories behind the songs. Thanks to all you guys for sharing so far and thanks to Andy D for throwing this together. 😉

    • Agree. I think that we did discuss them more during rehearsals, but we missed opportunities to talk about this stuff at concerts.