One Voice Acappella – The Walk

If you’ve been following my blog for the past several weeks, you’ll know that I’ve been posting songs that were recorded by an a cappella group that I sang in for the early 90s. We sang in many churches mostly through word of mouth. Several places invited us back. It was a whole lot of fun. Most of all, it was fun worshiping with guys who I grew up with and considered my best friends.

We recorded an album called Instrument of Praise. It contained many songs that were written by members in the group, but also contained a few covers that we arranged for 9 guys singing a cappella.

Today’s song is called “The Walk.” It was written by Keith Nunn. Erik Bomboy had the solo. I remember this being the one that really stretched my low range. Over the course of the years that we sang it was inevitable that we’d begin making up parts that were never intended to be sung. They weren’t in the original sheet music. Well… who is REALLY paying attention anyway? It really sucked when I had to step into the recording booth, because I had to actually look at the sheet music and be reminded that “Oh yeah, that is what I’m supposed to be singing!”

I asked Erik to put some thoughts behind his solo. Make sure you listen to the end. Erik has a killer falsetto 🙂

Obviously I didn’t write this song, Keith did. I was just lucky enough to be named to the solo. I don’t even remember auditioning for this one. I only remember auditioning for the 20 others that I got beat out of by Brandon, Kevin, Keith or Nathan. I’m just kidding, I was always ok with not getting solos. I didn’t take it personally. I always wanted the best person to convey the song & it’s message. I hope I did that on “The Walk”.

(Andy cutting in here… Erik did our vocal percussion for just about every song, unless he was doing the solo… then Kevin stepped up to the plate. Erik was incredible. He took it very seriously, and it added so much to our sound.)

Anyway, looking back at the message of this song right now is very good for me as it coincides with a current Andy Stanley study session that my men’s group is doing now called “Destinations”. We all choose different paths in our lives to get to, what we hope is, our intended destination. Whether we’ve chosen a deliberate path, or we just stumbled onto it, we all hope the path that we choose is the right one. However, few paths end up being a straight and predictable line. And it is very easy to get so far off the path that we forgot where we were headed. Many times I feel like I am just fumbling around in the dark & headed for an inevitable cliff. “The Walk” reminds me that constantly seeking God & his will for my life is the most important journey I will ever have to take. God sees the big picture where we can’t. He knows where he wants us to end up. We just have to pray for his guidance on our walk & HE will lead the way. His word will be a lamp unto our feet & a light unto our path. Knowing you are walking in God’s will can fill you with the confidence to make the hard decisions and sacrifices to get to where you know God wants you to be and not just where you want to end up.

Sometimes the path is difficult for a reason, but you can always call on God for guidance.

Proverbs 3:6- In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Are you finding this series of posts interesting? Are you listening? Bueller?

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