On Wednesday of this week I had to do something that I must admit was rather rough. One of our 4 cats (yes 4) Lucky was obviously not doing too well. Gina mentioned that he wasn’t very active the day before and as I got ready to go to work, I heard him meowing very different than he normally does. I went to check them out.

Lucky was laying down in the middle of the basement obviously not doing too good. Normally he is the most active of our cats. Running up to the door to see us. He was a very loving and needy cat. This was definitely not normal behavior. I knew that I needed to take him to the vet to be checked out before I went in to work.

To make a long story short, I had to make the call with the doctor at some point that he needed to be put to sleep. I didn’t want him to continue to be in the pain that he was in. It was sad. We’ve had him for 9 years. We rescued he and his mother, Clover, from the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter on Saint Patrick’s Day (get it?)  2001.

As I mentioned, he was the most outgoing. I believe that he actually tested out the baby crib before we had our girls. As a kitten, he was extremely active. We actually had another cat named Havoline that was an outdoor cat that went missing shortly after we adopted Lucky and Clover. So on May 20, we ended up adopting our other two cats, Hagrid and Hermione, so that Lucky would have a similar aged cat to harass instead of constantly harassing Clover.

Anyway, it was a tough thing to deal with. I now have an appreciation for others who have had to do it.  Have you had to do this before?

(by the way, I’ll spare you the rest of the professional photographs that we have of our cats. They were our babies at the time.)

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