Help me Select my next EarBuds

In my day we called them headphones, but somewhere along the way the name changed to earbuds…


I need to replace some before a few trips coming up and could use some help.

Here’s what Amazon has listed

I seriously can’t spend a lot on these. I lose/break them too often anyway. I figured there are some sound snobs out there who can help me out. Go.

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5 thoughts on “Help me Select my next EarBuds

  1. A co-worker got some Lenntek Sonix off of and said he liked them a lot. So I got a barely used pair off of eBay for $15 ( They are the best I’ve tried.

    I have a pair of V-Moda Faze Nero’s, too. They look nice, but they are not nearly has heavy and sound terrible compared to the Lenntek pair.

    The braided cord on the Lenntek’s is sturdy but a little too short.