Strengths and Weaknesses and Spiritual Gifts

This morning I went to a men’s Bible study. It was great to get in a room with 40+ guys and study the word. Apparently, they’ve been going through Romans. Today the discussion was around Romans 12. It was nice. I got to meet a few guys and meet the pastor who teaches the study.

As we read verses that deal with the one body in Christ and the gifts of grace that we’ve been given to use for God, one of the guys offered an interesting analogy and mentioned that while he wasn’t gifted with a good left hand lay-up, he still works at it so that it can complement the natural ability that he has. (OK, that is the Andy Darnell paraphase from early this morning, Wasn’t totally awake.) It is odd, but I’ve not ever thought of spiritual gifts in that respect. There are definite gifts that God has given me that I use. There are those that I don’t use enough, but when it comes to weaknesses, I’m not sure that I put that much effort into them.

This got me thinking about how spiritual gifts could be classified into strengths and weaknesses. Something that we should all pay close attention to.

Michael Hyatt, recently wrote a fantastic post about understanding your weaknesses as well as your strengths. I agree with him wholeheartedly that from a strategic point of view, if you know your weaknesses, you can steer clear of them and focus on your strengths. At the same time, once you know your weaknesses, if you ignore them, you could miss out on the blessing that God may have for you in an area of improvement.

If we are weak in one area, a brother can and should come beside us and lift us up because they are strong in that area. That is where iron is going to sharpen iron. If we are truly knit together, then the weaknesses are going to be absorbed by those around us with those strengths. If I struggle, but you don’t, you can be an encourager and come beside me through that time. After going through those battles together, it is only natural that I will lesson the hold that weakness has on me. The same for you. We all improve.

On an aside, if you do a google image search for “Spiritual Gifts” you will see some of the really bad creative that has been done within the church on this subject. Yikes. 🙂

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One thought on “Strengths and Weaknesses and Spiritual Gifts

  1. I find out one of my weaknesses is lettin the past hinder my present…….it discourages me a lot n makes me slack in my walk wit God. I know dats not my only weakness but I can’t point any other n also my strength. Please can u help me out? Thank you