2 Baconators, A Supersized Fry, And a Diet Coke

I was by myself for dinner tonight, so I decided to grab Wendy’s on the way home. I pulled up to the order screen as the car in front of me was pulling forward. I only wish that I could grab my iPhone and take a quick picture of the screen.

The car in front of me had ordered:

  • 2 Baconators
  • 1 Super-sized French Fry
  • 1 Super-sized Diet Coke

(Edit: Excuse me… Super-sized now equals “Value”)

I can only assume that this was a meal for one guy. To be totally fair, now that I think about it, I think they guy got the single baconator. I don’t think he got the double or the triple, however as I was sitting their trying to comprehend what I saw on the screen, I had this big point of sale advertisement of a triple baconator in all its glory.

Now, I almost threw up a little making me want to back away from the screen. Surely I could go find something a little more nutritious. Alas, I decided to place my order.

Got home. I wanted to see what the “nutritional value” of this meal was.

I’m not sure what those numbers mean, but I know that they ain’t good.

So… here’s my takeaway. What am I ignoring that is bad, but I consume anyway? What about you?

If you had a fancy app that was able to compute the “positive influence” in your life, would you use and pay attention to it?

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