A few “Whys”

Inspired by this post on pyromaniacs by Frank Turk

Search Phrase Number of Search Results
“why i am not a southern baptist” 6,260,000
“why i am not a baptist” 23,500,000
“why i am not a christian” 169,000,000
“why i hate calvinists” 124,000
“why i hate christians” 8,440,000
“why i hate God” 160,000,000

… some perspective may be in order.

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2 thoughts on “A few “Whys”

  1. that Turk post may be one of the best I’ve read on Calvinism. Since I am attending the SBC Calvinist hub (SBTS) and am one myself, agree with him on all of his points. I think currently there are two big beefs that people have with Calvinism, particularly in the SBC. 1) Crazy young Calvinists with no seatbelt, real-life ministry experience, or governor on their mouth go into traditionally non-Calvinistic churches and try to “reform” them overnight and it ends up blowing up the church. Plus, as one of my professors said (who is himself a Calvinist), “Calvinism isn’t the gospel.” Basically – its not the main thing. 2) This one lies in the fault of the non-Calvinist. Most people who are anti simply haven’t taken the time to hear out the biblical support for the doctrines of grace. I would guess that most people caricature Calvinism into hyper-Calvinism which virtually no one in the evangelical mainstream believes anymore. Its simply not biblical. So when a church interviews a pastor who professes to be a Calvinist they think he’s going to come into the church and start preaching against evangelism and that we should all be robot monks.

    Basically point one and two are cyclical. And its a mess. Selah.

    • Agreed. I’ve seen and heard Turk before, but just stumbled upon this post and site. Yep, I’ve changed a lot over the years.