Primal Group Blogging Project Starts Monday

I am excited to be taking part with a group of ten other folks in a group blogging project through the book Primal, by Mark Batterson.

Starting this coming Monday, we’re going to be blogging one chapter a day through the book. It should be a lot of fun. Everyone will be taking part on their own individual sites, so  I wanted to introduce the group who will be taking part and the days that they’ll be blogging:

9/20 – Chapter 1 – Justin Piercy

9/21 – Chapter 2 – Rob Mcquery

9/22 – Chapter 3 – Chris Goforth

9/23 – Chapter 4 – Adam Shields

9/24 – Chapter 5 – David Norman

9/27 – Chapter 6 – Jenny Wilburn

9/28 – Chapter 7 – Ben Woodard

9/29 – Chapter 8 – Lance Martin

9/30 – Chapter 9 – Jay Caruso

10/1 – Chapter 10 – Phillip Gibb


Here are a few stats that I’ve compiled about the group:

  • We are 10 Men / 1 Woman
  • We come from 3 Countries Representing (Canada/United States/South Africa)
  • Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kansas, Oregon,
  • We are Husbands, Wives and Fathers
  • We are pastors, student ministers, creative directors, IT consultants, Web developers, video creatives, volunteers
  • We all have a passion for God and the message of Christ.
  • We are WordPress brainwashed
  • We have 5 Standard Theme Users
  • We are readers.
  • We’re all on Twitter.

We’ll be posting, tweeting, commenting and discussing the book and invite you to join us.

See you Monday.

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14 thoughts on “Primal Group Blogging Project Starts Monday

  1. I would like to add that some of us are custom WordPress newbies and also I am a mother. Waaaah!

    I’m really looking forward to it!! I’ll see you guys on Monday and I’ll even go back to discuss the other chapters I’ve missed out on.