Johnny Hunt: Lessons Learned

I’ve seen this recent video of Johnny Hunt tweeted and blogged about. The various bloggers praising Hunt for being transparent in mistakes that he has made in ministry, and the fact that we can learn from those who see things differently. Obviously this is a smaller portion of the entire interview that he had at the Advance Conference, but this is a pretty powerful statement that Johnny makes toward the Calvinist/Non-Calvinist rift that is affecting the Southern Baptist Convention.

Here’s the description on youtube from the video:

In this video, Johnny shares powerfully and transparently about some of his own mistakes and lessons he has learned in ministry. I found his comments about the Calvinist movement to be particularly poignant and powerful. May God give us all the grace to show this kind of humility and wisdom that Johnny exhibits in this video. Perhaps God might even use this video to heal some of the unnecessary rift that exists between Calvinists and Non-Calvinists within the SBC and beyond.

Nice interview. Thoughts?

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One thought on “Johnny Hunt: Lessons Learned

  1. Awesome video. I agree that this video should bring some much needed and necessary healing.

    On a personal note (and maybe prideful) – that’s my pastor doing the interview.