My First Not Me! Monday Post

MckMama (yes, I read her blog from time to time)  used to do this thing on Mondays called “Not Me” Monday. The idea was about being brutally honest and being able to admit the imperfections in our lives… often in dealing with family. While I never participated (and while this one might not be as brutally honest as some of hers) I’m doing it today! This post is totally worth it. By the way, I haven’t actually followed through with this, but I am seriously considering.

Not Me!

I am not devising a way to convince my oldest daughter to ask for a particular LEGO set this year for Christmas just so that I can experience playing with it. Nope. Not me!

I am not going to allow her to get the set, especially since LEGO explicitly states that the set is for ages 16+. Not me!

I am not thinking of creating some sort of inventory system to ensure that none of the LEGO pieces in this particular set get lost or perhaps merged with the other LEGOs that we have in our house. Absolutely Not Me!

And I am especially not thinking about the fact that this particular LEGO set can ultimately become mine after my oldest daughter decides to quit playing with LEGOs. And when this does happen, I could then move this LEGO set to my office at work. No Way… Not Me!

But honestly, this = Awesomesauce.

Let me introduce you to The Shuttle Adventure Set from LEGO (Item #10213)

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