The Ruling on the Field Stands

This past Sunday, I saw two plays that I think the officials got wrong. Even using instant replay, they seemed to make the wrong call.

1) The Falcons vs the Bengals – There was what looked like a fumble in the first quarter where the Falcons picked up the loose ball and ran it in for a touchdown.

2) The Patriots vs the Chargers – What looked like a forward pass that looked to be an incomplete, but the officials called it a backward pass that turned into a fumble which the Patriots recovered

These just happened to be two games that I saw. The officials were challenged by the falcons and chargers head coaches. Instant Replay was used. As I stated before, I think that the wrong call was made, but in both cases, the officials decided that there was not evidence to overturn the call. Therefore, the ruling on the field stands.

Too often in our lives, we are met with situations that do not seem fair or right. It seems like the wrong call was made. We can’t allow it to ruin us.

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