A Twitter Cleaning

If you were to look at my twitter account and look at the people that I follow, you’d be really confused.

These are the types of people that I follow:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Churches
    • Pastors of these churches
    • Other people who work in the church world
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Systems
    • People who work in the hospital and healthcare marketing world
  • NASA or Space related Twitter accounts
    • Astronauts
    • NASA Directors
  • Celebrities
  • Brands
  • Republicans
  • Democrats
  • Twitter accounts that I followed because I was trying to win something

I decided to do a spring cleaning on this 13th of November to cut back on some of the noise. I’ve spoken in the past about the noise that I have allowed into my life because of Facebook and Twitter. I’ve made some efforts to cut out the noise in both worlds. I still see the value of both. I see that I spend less and less time on facebook and who knows what my long term plan there is.

Twitter has allowed me to meet a few people who I have similar likes and interests. In a few cases, I’ve been able to talk to, email or even meet these folks in person. What I’ve come to find is that the 140 character limit tends to be 50% Retweets. In fact in a lot of cases, because I follow specific tribes of people, I get those Retweets 5+ times each from different accounts. I’ve actually started not sharing as much, because I don’t want to contribute to the noise.

Why am I still on Twitter and Facebook if this is the case? The fact is that I consume content based upon people that I know and people that I “know.” There are some amazing content creators in my circle of online friends. I am often educated on ideas and topics that I wouldn’t normally seek out without a recommendation. Other times, I am encouraged by situations that others go through that I too am dealing.

All that said, I started cleaning up my account on Twitter and will probably be more select on who I follow (at least for a while)

I know that I am not alone in this type of activity. I’ve seen others doing it. For those of you on Facebook and Twitter, are you having similar feelings? Are you in in need of a cleaning? Those who joined for a while and are now MIA, what were your reasons for leaving.

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2 thoughts on “A Twitter Cleaning

  1. I have always been very aware of who I follow. Always looking for new ways to engage but also being aware of how much I can handle I have been strategic in who I follow. I am trying to stay away from using list so that I can read everyones tweets that I follow, but it is getting to that point very shortly. But so far I am doing good on not having to call bankruptcy and start over.

    • Yeah, I’ve tried to avoid lists. Using Tweetdeck is probably how I survive. I find myself just closing it more often to take a break from it.

      Thanks Kyle for the comment.