Producteev is Making Me More Productive

I’ve tried a lot of task management software over the past five years. And while I have tried to subscribe to the Getting Things Done approach by David Allen, nothing has worked as well for me as Producteev has the past few weeks.

Here are some of the features from their website:

  • Multiple Team Support – Manage multiple teams with Producteev using simple, built-in features. Invite team members, adjust privacy settings, and much more for your entire to-do list–from work to family get together!
  • Filters and Reports – Easily generate useful reports on project and team activity. For example, get a weekly email with a summary of your team’s achievements.
  • Email DIGESTS – Get your daily / weekly activity at the end of every day, and see what’s on your plate tomorrow
  • Hot Tasks – Wondering what to do next? Our intelligent Hot Tasks algorithm automatically prioritizes your tasks and makes suggestions about what to do first.
  • Sync your tasks with Google Calendar – Ever dreamed your tasks could show up automatically on your favorite calendar? Well that’s a reality now, sync your Producteev tasks with Google Calendar, or just push one task at a time.

It really fits my and my coworkers way of working. In fact, I pretty much forced everyone to sign-up for it and we are trying it out as a team before committing to monthly contract.

I love getting the notification popups in the dashboard when others on my team accomplish tasks or add notes to the task. And I love getting the emails that alert me when a task didn’t get completed. Instant reminders to step it up.

I am very interested in seeing what some of the paid benefits are in relation to reporting and what other benefits we would gain from the platinum service. In all honesty, it is actually fun to use, which makes using it that much easier. On top of all that, the pricing is very affordable for the unlimited users and

Oh yeah, there’s an iPhone app.

Anyway, you should try it out. Personal Use. Team Use.

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