The Future of Reading For My Kids

Growing up, I didn’t really enjoy reading. My idea of fun wasn’t grabbing a chapter book and devouring it in a couple days. I didn’t beg my parents to let me read for an extra half hour before time to turn off the lights for bed.

Through the years, luckily, that has changed. I enjoy reading now. I’ll read for fun, for personal growth, for education…I use my library card (ok, my wife handles the library runs more than me, but I know how to go check out a book)

I read much faster than I used to. I retain much more than I used to. Reading retention tests always were tough on me. I was not a good test taker when it came to requirements of reading. I often had to get Cliff Notes to help me with comprehension and retention (and frankly, because sometimes I didn’t read the actual book.)

My daughters, however, are book addicts… And I LOVE that.

From the time that they could sit up, they’ve been holding books. At times I think we have TOO MANY books, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We regularly max out the number of books we can have from the library. (any guesses what it is, by the way?) That’s one of the other musts if you’re homeschoolers.

But I often wonder how reading will change for future generations. I would love to have a Kindle. I don’t have one, but enjoy reading on the Kindle app on my iPhone. Will my girls continue longing for the touch and smell of paper?

Just something that is on my mind as we have another big name join the electronic book market. If you’re not aware, Google opened their eBookstore. As mentioned,  The book reader that I want is the Kindle, but I would love the ability to tap into the libraries (small but hopefully growing) elibrary.

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