The Nativity Post of 2010

“Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall to all people. For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11

Last year, I didn’t do a post about the plethora of Nativities that we have in our house, but 2 years ago… the number was 84.

This year’s count is at 99 (rumor has it that we’ll be above 100 by the end of the year)

My wife put it best a couple years ago,  “We have always wanted anyone who walks into our house to know, without a doubt, that the reason for Christmas is Jesus.”

And now for the tour. Gina will take over the description from here.

Let’s start with the outside of the house where we have our lighted nativity.

When you walk in the front door we have a dry sink with a collection of nativities. The back left and front right are both from Sweden, and Andy made the back middle right one.

To the left is our schoolroom. The focus in that room is our nativity tree. All the ornaments on the tree are nativity related. There is a total of 31 individual ornaments or sets on this tree.

Here is a close-up of the tree:

There are two other nativities in this room: one on our bookshelf and one over the aquarium.

The dining room is next to the schoolroom. There are two curio cabinets in there. One has a lighted nativity village, and the other one has a Precious Moments nativity.

Our advent wreath is a nativity:

There is a Heartwood Creek nativity on the sideboard:

Next up is the kitchen. There is a nativity cookie jar and collection of cookie cutters as well as 2 tins.

This is in the kitchen window:

On the bar there is a nutcracker nativity set and our latest acquisition: a set with bible verses on each figure that I think is beautiful. (I had all the nativities in place and pictures taken and then bought the newest one. I slid the nutcracker set to the left so the new one could sit in the middle of the bar.)

Our advent calendar is on the wall heading to the den. (It will have a completed nativity scene by Christmas day.)

We have window clings in the hall window.

There are 3 shelves in the hall just above the den, and the top 2 shelves have nativities. The bottom left shelf has a small ornament my sister brought me (from Peru, I think) and just behind that is one from Prague. Bottom right is a Lenox Peanuts nativity that my mom gave me last year.

There is a Willow Tree nativity on our mantle. On either side of it are matching stocking holders. My mom and I went shopping the day after Christmas 1997 to start my Christmas decorations for the next year, when Andy and I would be married. I found these stocking hangers and loved them. They have broken and been re-glued in several places over the years, and we have more than 2 stockings now, but I still set them out because I like them. Then there is a Precious Moments puzzle over the mantle.

Sitting in front of the fireplace is our largest nativity. Andy got it for my birthday. A friend of ours has one that I have admired for 3 years or more.

There is a nativity throw on the couch and loveseat and also a pillow.

Above the loveseat are 3 shelves with nativities (a total of 9).

The shelves by the TV have a snowman nativity and another one.

Along with MANY books about Jesus, we have several “kid friendly” nativities. There is a Little People set, 2 different Veggie Tales sets, puppets, plush books, a Peanuts playset and a Playmobile one.

The girl’s each have 2 sets in their room. Phoebe’s are the top 2 and Tabitha’s the bottom.

Hall bathroom

Picture in the hall

Master bedroom

The top 2 are on sconces that are on either side of the dresser mirror. The bottom right is one that I have had since I was little. It sat on my nightstand then, and it sits on my nightstand now.

Last but not least is the nativity on the computer table in the basement.

If I counted correctly, there are 65 nativities in the pictures above. There are 3 that I did not take pictures of that are crafts Tabitha has made. Add that to the 31 on the nativity tree, and my grand total is up to 99. Up quite a bit from the 84 I had 2 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed this nativity tour of our home. More importantly, I hope that you take time to truly focus on the Christ in CHRISTmas this year. May God bless you all with a very Merry CHRISTmas!

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6 thoughts on “The Nativity Post of 2010

  1. LOVE it. I’ve only got one Nativity [which, as the only Christian at ALL in my family, I got from my grandma as it was her mom’s I think], and I’m not sure if we’ve recovered baby Jesus or not — it’s made of clear glass and is pretty tiny.

    Also, I love the Little People nativity ;-). Saw one for the first time at church on Sunday with the 3 + 4 year-olds and I kind of wanna go buy one for my nineteen-year-old self! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi! Wow you sure have quite a collection. This is beautiful. I actually found this post because I have the same wooden advent calendar that you have hanging on your wall to your den. Actually I lost the brochure that goes with it so I don’t know when each little piece goes where… do you think you could help me out? Again fantastic collection and I hope you get to 100. Merry Christmas!!