When Church Makes You Puke

Well, that’s a title that is bound to get some attention.

When I saw this tweet from @benrwoodard I must admit that I chuckled a little. Not at the fact that I knew that Ben was having to deal with this, but by the fact that this tweet sums up so much in less than 140 characters.

But then I started thinking about the depth of this statement. Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted to puke because of the stuff that was happening in your life? We just eat and eat and eat. We fill it with so much crap that is sweet at first but ends up churning in our gut. If we’re honest, we’ve probably been in situations (even at church) that we knew that we were being fed sugar coated junk instead of the nutrients that we need to live healthy. Instead of a healthy diet, we’re getting no nutritional value.

Which is probably why I have switched my mindset regarding expository preaching. For a long time I argued that it wasn’t important in the grand strategic pln of churches, but I’ve come to find that it is very rewarding. The right teacher can take a text and read it for what it is, and weave in the topical teaching too. We just got finished with a series on the Sermon on the Mount at the church we’ve been attending. Our family came in on the tail end of the series, but the past 3 months have been great going methodically through the text. We’ve been fed appropriate portions at each meal and were given time to digest each sermon as we apply it to our lives.

Thanks Ben for the Blog Fodder. (Well, actually I guess I should thank the AWANA leader for the blog fodder.)

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4 thoughts on “When Church Makes You Puke

  1. 2nd sentence. Nice accidental pun. You chucked, upchucked, or chuckled ? πŸ˜‰

    As for the topic you’re exposing here (sorry πŸ™‚ ), I agree; expository is definitely needed. else the foundation (upon which the topical is based) may be forgotten.

  2. I was wondering where you were going with that tweet. Totally agree with you. I see it as the same difference of giving someone a fish and teaching them how to fish.