New Blog Design and Strategy for the New Year

I still have a lot to do, but I decided to go ahead and launch.

Here are my thoughts for the new year.

I had already been thinking about ways to force myself to write based upon a small number of categories. John Saddington has mentioned the importance using blog categories to keep focus often and it was reinforced by him recently. This just makes sense. Without a plan, you end up with random posts and get called out on it.

Ben Woodard reminding me that I must start thinking strategically again on posts

Ben Woodard reminding me that I must start thinking strategically again on posts

So this year, I’m gonna reinstitute categories. Unfortunately all the ones from 2010 are currently uncategorized. I need to go through and see where these fit. Here are the categories that I am currently thinking:

  1. Bible Reading – I am going to make 2011 a big reading year. I want to be in the Word at least 5 days each week, and I want that to result in at least 3 posts per week related to what I’m reading in the Bible… what the takeaways are.  This is the only numeric goal that I am going to have for posts, so I would expect this to be the primary purpose.
  2. Life – This category will probably be broad. It could be everything from family, work and the comings and goings of it all.
  3. Church – This category in the past was used when I was volunteering and serving in church. It has also been one that I highlight something interesting that I see other churches doing. I see this category being used some this year as my family continues to look for a church. I want to keep better sermon notes this year so I may use this category as a way to share those.
  4. Book Reviews – I want to get back into reading and reviewing for booksneeze. It is such an incredible program if you like to read and are willing to review the books online. (on an aside, I want to figure out what to do with the books after I’ve read them. Perhaps give them away. I still have to work out those details)
  5. Andy Elsewhere (Not sure of the name yet) – This is going to be a category that mentions and points to posts that I have written in other places. I have been writing on the AVID blog more recently, and would like to contribute to a few other blogs that are there. This category will primarily be used to direct traffic to those other places that I am. I may also play with the idea of bringing my work world into this category more. Pointing out completed projects that I am proud. So this may not necessarily be a blog that I point to, but a completed project or case study that I was a part of.
  6. Other – This will encompass the random that comes up. I know that there will be random. Product Reviews, Funny Videos, NASA stuff… Everything else.

There may be other things that come up. I’m not going to wait a year before reassessing. I am marking July 1 as a time to review this list.

There are still some design changes that I want to do. These will be coming.

If you read (which really isn’t that many people) let me know so that I can consider the audience.

Happy New Year!

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