Andy Are You Listening? Over.

It is funny how toys that never get played with in our house will emerge from the toy chest abyss and be played with for hours at a time. Today, we got to experience our girls screaming at each other (which isn’t that uncommon… they use loud voices all the time. I blame Dora)through the wall that separates their bedrooms, through these cheap walkie talkies that were given to them once upon a time.

It took a little retraining for our youngest daughter to remember that she has to take her finger off the button after she is finished talking. Otherwise, she misses the message coming from our older daughter (except for the fact that they are screaming through the very thin wall.)

And even though I have no idea where they got this,  they keep ending each message with the single word “Over.” (probably Backyardigans)

Got me thinking about our conversations with God. I can be found guilty of holding down the button while God is trying to talk to me. I miss the message because I didn’t open up the channel and allow him the opportunity to be heard.

He likes to hear from us, and we need to talk to him, but when we’re done… we need to shut up and listen.


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3 thoughts on “Andy Are You Listening? Over.

  1. I am also guilty of this. And, I am betting that they learned that “over” thing from Toy Story. I am pretty sure they use the walkie talkies to save a soldier at the beginning of the first one and they say “over” every time they finish talking. I think. This was a very thought-provoking post. I need to remember to take my finger off the button.