Thoughts on Genesis 1 – 3

God spoke forth light. We’re not talking sun and stars (those came later) God said, “let there be light.” I’ve got a hand written note in my Bible that says that reminds me that light is traveling at  186,000 miles per second. We can’t get our minds wrapped around this, so why do we even try. I like to think that the light that God spoke out, already was. I like to think that the “let there be light” statement is similar to God’s commands at the end of Jonah. God appointed a plant, God appointed a worm, God appointed the scorching wind. I think that the light was already coming from him. He just appointed it toward a specific task and purpose. That may be theologically off but I’ll stick with it.

Literal Days. Yeah, I believe so. That will raise the eyebrows of many of you, but I think that God is entirely capable of doing this. He is capable of making new things appear old. He has unlimited creativity that we can sometimes see glimpses of in ourselves. All that he created was Good in His eyes. It was uncorrupted. The ground was not yet cursed.

Day 7 was a day for rest. We should be happy and pleased with our work, but then we should rest. I gotta do more of this.

Why a tree of life? Why a tree of the knowledge of good and evil? God created these things (knowing) that we would choose to disobey and fall from Him. We’re not robots. We screw up and choose to screw up on our own. God knows that this would be our choice. God knew we would fall. Why would we even pretend to hide from him when he’s coming to see us.

We were prodigals even then. We were recklessly leaving the father for the materialism and consumerism of the world and found out that the world left us with nothing. Naked. God didn’t just leave us naked. He recognized our need and clothed us.  He still loved His creation even though His creation had already started being more interested in themselves than in Him.

If you’re interested in reading with me this year, I’ve chosen the YouVersion Chronological Reading Plan. I’m reading the King James Version online and on my phone because of the 400th anniversary of the KJV. I’m still gonna use my pocket ESV from time to time as I have notes written in there from past reads.

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One thought on “Thoughts on Genesis 1 – 3

  1. Been trying to do this for about three years now — I’m gonna start with you [although, in The Message and not KJV :P], and hopefully keep up!
    Who knew I already had the YouVersion app on my iPod!