The Declining Value of the White House

Just saw this nugget on 11alive’s website:

White House Loses 1/4 of its Value

From: Michael King

WASHINGTON — Houses across the nation are not the only ones that have lost value. Even the White House is not immune to the struggles facing many homeowners.

According to real estate Web site, the White House has lost nearly a quarter of its value during the housing crisis.

Zillow says the home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington has depreciated from $332 million to $253 million.

The Obamas have made some improvements to the property, adding a vegetable garden and a swing set to the 132-room mansion.

1) Who cares?
2) Don’t we all wish that the tax burden on we taxpaying Americans could have decreased by 1/4
3) What good does it do to tell me that the Obamas have “improved” the property by adding a vegitable garden and a swingset.
4) Does the White House have property taxes that are paid out to someone? Surely not.
5) My house hasn’t depreciated that much. In fact, I think my county has increased it even though the houses on my street are selling for less.
6) Holy Cow. That Zillow website is pretty cool to check on the value of your house and the value of the houses around you. Seeing property lines in a google earth like environment is pretty rad.

Oh. I guess that is the purpose of showing me the declining value of the White House. Gets all us to check out Zillow’s website.

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One thought on “The Declining Value of the White House

  1. Who owns the Whitehouse? Can the president sell it? What if a president wanted to move, could he live somewhere else? It is interesting to think that there is a value placed on the Whitehouse. I always thought it didn’t have an actual price on it but I guess I was wrong.