Thoughts on Genesis 8 – 11

But God remembered Noah…that is such a great verse. It makes me pause and think about the flood that i was I when God remembered me.

We’ve all heard those fantastic testimonies of God stopping someone in an intersection in their troubled life and revealing himself to them for good. Which is interesting when you. In my post about us listening to God, I talked about the fact that we often won’t shut up to listen to Him, but often when people are at their low points and don’t have any reason to listen is when he steps in our path and forces us as donkeys to recognize Him.

God remembered Noah. That’s good stuff.

Another thought, They have a new beginning in the world. Noah and his wife and sons and their wives are confronted with starting over. How daunting of a task that would be. The sheer scene of death around them would be crazy. I wonder what that was like.

John MacArthur makes a great point about the one thing that didn’t drown in the flood: Sin.

But one thing didn’t drown in the flood, and that was sin. Sin was riding in the ark; in the nature of Noah, his wife, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their three wives. And sin survived the flood in them. It was a new earth, but it was the same old humanity.

And when they walked off the ark, sin walked off the ark. And when they stepped into the new world, sin stepped into the new world with them, in them. (Grace To You)

Permission to eat Meat! Noah ate meat! Yeah c’mon. Bar B Que on Ararat. Seriously, our creator granted permission.

Oh, and then there’s that odd section at the end of 9 where Noah has passed out of drunkenness and was naked (I’ve always heard that Moses must have been a redneck to use that very southern term) and Ham was apparently laughing it up. His brothers Shem and Japheth did the honorable thing in covering up their father. Noah comes to and realizes what happened. He then curses Ham (Canaan) for his actions. Why is this important? Because this “minor sin” from Ham leads to a curse on his entire line. 400+ years later when the Israelites come out of Egypt, they are told to wipe out the Canaanites. Whoa.

Chapter 10 – One of ‘those’ chapters that often get skipped. Again we see the line of Ham and see familiar names like Nimrod, Babel, Nineveh, The Philistines and all those ‘ites.’

Oh yeah, Shem’s family which leads to Abraham.

The Tower of Babel. What can be said? I’ve seen that estimates are that it happens about 100yrs after the flood. Those 8 people who left the arc had a lot of babies. And they had a lot of babies. Sin was rampant. 100yrs later at Babel, we’ve basically returned to pre-flood conditions. How is this possible? Romans says that all that we need to know about God is shown to us. We suppress the truth. Even though we knew God, we didn’t honor Him as God and creator. They and we want to build for ourselves. By ourselves.

And God is Patient.

Thank you God for being Patient.

Instead of destroying it, He spreads us out and prepares us for His people and our Savior.

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