Come Roar With Us

Today in my inbox I received an e-blast from the Owners of the Atlanta Thrashers and the Atlanta Hawks. Both franchises are having good seasons. Atlanta has for a long time been accused as being fair weather fans. This letter does a couple things. It addresses the tribe of followers of the two teams and thanks them for support in the past, but also reminds us to step it up and support even more as we build upon the future. And the Future is now.

So we cheer. And shout. And roar. Come roar with us.

I love that. You can read and feel the emotion in those words. And I don’t get the sense that this is marketese that they’re trying to roll past me. This seems genuine and authentic.

We need to show more emotion. We need to be genuine and authentic. Whether it be church, work, community service, cleaning up the garage… We should be so excited about what is going on that we get psyched about inviting others to come along side us. To Roar with Us.

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