Explaining my new Cartoon Profile Picture

Several people have asked where I got the profile picture that I am using on my blog and my twitter account. You see, I am not that talented creatively and learning about wordpress over the past few years required some trial and error with prebuilt wordpress themes.

Themeforest is a great place to get started. For minimal investment you can purchase a theme and often times get the workfiles that are required to edit backgrounds, images, styles… This is where I purchased the Post It theme.

Part of the purchase came with the PSD files for the animated character. I was able to do some minor edits to make this guy look more like me. I changed the color of the hair, gave him some glasses, changed the shirt color (I was really into orange for a while) Gave the guy a cross around the neck , got rid of the 5 o’clock shadow, and was done

(now that I look at it a couple years later I see that I never changed the eyebrow color. Guess I should do that)

If you’re looking at getting started, theme forest themes are perfect. I was able to learn a whole lot by just installing and tweaking CSS values and images.

Now, I am running Standard Theme…. Which I love. I really don’t have a 5 point why you should buy Standard Theme post, but the other day was the first time that I really opened up the PHP files and started looking at the code. I am slowly beginning to understand what all the PHP calls mean. I am much more brave than I used to be with changing this stuff around. It is exciting to learn new and grow in this direction. It allows me to use some God given talents in other directions.

Let me know if you need any assistance in setting up a blog or even if you’re interested in purchasing a theme like Standard. I’d be happy to talk to you about it.

(By the way, I will say that I do have an affiliate code on those links to Standard. I will earn some money if you were to buy the theme. The money is not the point. It really is a great theme framework. It is highly optimized for search which you might as well be if you are at all serious about starting a blog. It is FAST. In the world of web, you may not notice a difference, but for me who does build sites for a living, I can tell. The community is awesome. The team who developed it are fantastic people. Just want to throw that out there to be totally up front.)

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