Odd dreams about the Hardware Store

I believe John Howard has discovered the existence of Inception

I believe John Howard has discovered the existence of Inception

Our brains are truly amazing. Last night I was out to dinner with my wife and some friends and we were talking about all the worthless drivel that has been forever captured and filed away. Think about how many user ids and passwords you have locked away.

Last night I had one of those full on dreams that happen every once and a while. I was back at Howard’s True Value Hardware. This time as a customer. I walked in to get a pair of pliers. I ended up helping numerous customers with their odd needs:

  • There was the guy who needed a Stihl weed-eater and even though I didn’t work the power equipment section the many years I was at Howards, I still managed to help him find what he needed.
  • There was a lady who needed 3 keys cut. I still remember Key Numbers. I can look at the key and tell that it was a Y1 an SC4, and a GM Ignition key (Not sure of the letter, but it was pre-VATS keys)
  • I helped a hispanic crew find the concrete trowel section (Even though it had moved aisles, but somehow I knew where they’d moved to.
  • I actually made a pickup to bolt-n-nut around the corner to pick up something. I have no idea what it was, but the owner came out in a head to toe Auburn Alumni Attire and remembered who I was.
  • I helped someone find a dozen or so 3/4xcls brass nipples. Why would you need that many of the same thing? Surely there’s something else… I even asked the dude if he needed some teflon tape (which he did) because it was a simple add on sale.
  • Someone asked for (and don’t ask me why I know this) some 5/8 x 1-1/2  elevator bolts. The poor highschool kid who was working in the bolt and nut section had absolutely no idea what he was talking about… but for some reason I remembered that there was a 1/4 keg of them in the closet up on a shelf. (Now understand, I have no ‘awake’ memory if Howard’s actually has this box, but during my dream last night I was absolutely certain they did and it just required me to find them.
  • I had this odd conversation with one of the managers of another store over a nextel radio (Remember the chirps by those devices) The funny thing about this conversation is that Kevin was obviously annoyed that I was talking to him on the speaker part of it. He wanted me to put the phone up to my ear and take it off speaker mode… Cary explained to me after the call that Kevin was beginning to lose his hearing and it helped if I spoke directly into the microphone.

See, this dream contained actual stuff that absolutely could have happened 6-7 years ago when I was working there. Hard to find hardware items and the personal shopping help was what we were about. It is crazy what our brains do sometimes. Bits of the dream were exactly as I remembered working there, other bits were obviously in present day because there were employees working who I had no idea who they were, but they were there and interacting with me.

So… no huge takeaways from this dream. I’m not going to try and unpack it to discover its meaning, but I just thought it would be fun to share especially since I woke up with it stamped in my memory. Perhaps John Howard has discovered the actuality of Inception and he and Cary came into my memory last night to project some sort of message to me…

What’s some of your crazy dreams as of late?

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4 thoughts on “Odd dreams about the Hardware Store

  1. You ask, “What dreams have I of late?” I’ve had some, but in no way can I remember them in the detail that you just described. Well done. Besides, the last dream I had of John and a pair of pliers didn’t end as well as yours.