Albertville is Now On The Map

Both of my parents grew up within spitting distance of Albertville, Alabama. My Grandmother,  aunts, uncles, cousins, are within a 10 mile radius probably of Albertville.

It is so odd to look at the 11Alive Weather map and see Albertville on the Map.

In fact, I think it is equally interesting to see Albertville and Alpharetta given similar size ‘font’ importance.

Anyone from Albertville, reading my blog? Now is a good time for a roll call.

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2 thoughts on “Albertville is Now On The Map

  1. Hey Andy,

    So the randomness of this comment is apologized for. I watched the weather report yesterday (for the first time in years) and the meteorologist intern guy called Birmingham “Binghamton”

    and said that this afternoon we would get an “icy grab bag of wintry mix.”

    I felt it was all too appropriate to bring up on this weathery blog post 😉