Thoughts on Job 17-26

The Snow in Atlanta has put me a little behind in my blogging. I’ve still been reading my chronological plan for the Bible, but with working from my bed all day in my pajamas on my laptop… adding another blog to my site hasn’t been top of mind. I’m really not sure how tentblogger does it. Either way, my 5 posts per week in the Bible Category is still hitting its mark.

Chapter 17

Job still has his hope in God. He is still listening to his friends (for some reason.) He is willing to learn from them, but every commentary that I have seen is that they continue to mock him for the way he is reacting to his situation

Chapter 18

Bildad tells Job to stop complaining. He goes into details about how perfectly normal it is to experience hardship if you’re a sinner. Don’t we all know people like these guys who know just the right things to say to comfort us? 🙂

Chapter 19

Job appears to be at his lowest, but then in verse 23 it is like he’s been revived. His faith seems suddenly stronger. He wanted his situation and the faith that he had to be recorded for future people to read. Wow. God worked this in the plan. His plan. Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever been confident enough to ask God to take a snapshot of my life so that all future generations would be able to read it. Job remains confident that even after his death, God will be glorified.

Chapter 20

Then Zophar opens his mouth.

More Friendly Council.

Chapter 21

Job is back on the offense stating to these buffoons that wicked people do indeed prosper. In fact it is still God who allows the wicked to prosper. This is such an deep concept that we as Christians don’t tend to discuss much. We are quick to discuss all the good that comes from God, but even those who deny God are in his watch.

Chapter 22

Have you ever heard how bad things often come in threes. In Job, we see three “friends” who each have three speeches toward Job. Chapter 22 starts the third round. Only Zophar remains silent in the words of the book. Eliphaz camps out on the topic that God is too big and much too busy to be worried by little Job. It is interesting that this round, Eliphaz actually goes against some of the other ‘wisdom’ that he’s been dishing toward Job. Other times, he’s been saying that it is Job’s fault for God getting involved, but now he is saying that God isn’t really concerned on an individual level. However, Eliphaz again points out that if Job would only repent that all is going to be fine. Blah

Chapter 23 and 24

Instead of arguing with Eliphaz, Job returns to the topic of God’s Sovereignty and that Job longs to be back in fellowship with God. Job says in Chapter 24 that all things are appointed in God’s good timing. He touches in these two chapters that even though there is wickedness that is in our world, that often times doesn’t seem dealt with… God will deal with it in His time.

Chapter 25 and 26

Bildad has his last speech… repeating most of what has already been covered. Sounds like some church committee meeting doesn’t it? Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. No action. No learning. No takeaways.

Job does much of the same thing reminding his ‘friends’ that God is good. He is Just. He is sovereign. All this is for His purposes. Verse 26:14 is beautiful and deep:

Behold, these are but the outskirts of his ways, and how small a whisper do we hear of him! But the thunder of his power who can understand?

I’m gonna stop here.

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