Thoughts on Job 27-28

I’m gonna catch up with my writing this weekend. I have been reading, but I’ve been behind in my writing. I’ll blame it on the ice and snow we’ve had in Atlanta.

In Job 27, my Bible says that “Job Maintains His Integrity.” I think the key verse in chapter 27 is verse 11. Job says that he will teach his friends about the hand of God and that he will not conceal anything. To me, Job has been doing this for the past dozen or more chapters. Job has done a great job of describing some of the attributes of God. While his friends also describe God in similar ways, His friends have a totally different view of God.

This has been a topic of discussion in my life over the past several years. I’ve had several conversations where we agree on some core characteristics of God and Biblical doctrine, but on other topics, we flat out disagree. Can we both be right? Eh. In some cases I do think that God is able to ‘be in both places at the same time.’ In other cases, I think that there is absolute truth which we can and should know…

Here’s where heresy may creep into the conversation. If there is absolute truth and we teach apart from that or don’t teach on the topic at all because it is ‘sensitive,’ isn’t that heresy? It is a touchy subject, but something that at least should be a part of the conversation and not ignored.

In his case, Job is agreeing on some of the attributes of God, but mainly he disagrees with the level of involvement in the retribution that his friends say that God is involved in.

So in Chapter 28, Job starts talking about Wisdom. Job basically pitches the idea that perhaps God’s wisdom is beyond our comprehension. Job says that there are things that God does not reveal. And those things, we will not know. The analogy that Job uses is mining for precious materials such as gold, silver, sapphires….The point being that no matter how hard we seek God’s wisdom it can not be found. It can not be bought.

Verse 23 says that God understands its way, and He knows its place. True wisdom only God knows, and we only know that wisdom if God reveals it to us.

Wow, that is a verse to make us pause. Is it possible that even false teachers could have wisdom revealed by God?

At the end of the chapter Job concludes that the most that anyone can do is trust and obey. We will never know all about God, and we shouldn’t try to fit God into our human minds.  All that we should focus on is having a respect fear, and awe of God and avoid sin (depart from evil)

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