Thoughts on Job 29-31

In Job 29-31, Job does a number of things. He starts out this section of the book by returning to the pain that he is in. While he remembers all that he just said about God, he is obviously in a lot of pain (physically and mentally) We would be too. He lost everything to him besides God.

He is remembering what his life was like before he lost it all. He had it all and was reduced to nothing. Even though he has been strongly declaring his innocence, we see a little more of his impatience with silence from God. For chapters past he’s been saying that “just you wait, God will restore me” Job is beginning to ask more and more “God, where are you?”

And it intensifies in chapter 31. Job claims his innocence and actually starts working through a bunch of hypothetical ‘if/then’ statements. He basically says that “If I had done x, then I would have received x.” BUT I DIDN’T DO X!

The end of the chapter ends “The words of Job are ended.” I guess that means we’re gonna hear from his friends again. Wait… who is this Elihu kid?

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