Thoughts on Job 32-37

Chapter 32 we are introduced to Elihu. Who is this young whippersnapper? He’s got spunk. I liked reading this chapter even in the KJV, so I wanted to see what the Message would read like. Wow. Elihu says that he’s stayed silent up until now assuming that both Job and these three old dudes knew what they were talking about. He figured he would listen to wisdom from their point of view… but now he can’t restrain himself anymore.

Chapter 33, he turns back to Job and says to him that what he is about to say has been thought out. He isn’t rash to come up with this. He even acknowledges his ‘bull in a china shop’ personality by saying “Don’t let my aggressiveness overwhelm you.” This is good stuff.

He talks about how God works. How God talks to us. In 29 and 30 he says

This is the way God works.
Over and over again

He pulls our souls back from certain destruction
so we’ll see the light—and live in the light!

And as if Job was about to respond, Elihu says close your mouth. I ain’t done yet. Don’t interupt me. Now I’m gonna explain how it is impossible for God to do evil. He doesn’t play favorites. He is Just. He doesn’t miss anything. There is nothing that is hidden from him. He punishes wickedness where he sees it. And he doesn’t need to hear your case. He’s seen your deeds and needs no more evidence or debate over it.

I can just imagine at this point, Job is speechless. He might want to counter that, but Elihu gives him no chance. He is on serve again.

Job, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. And you old dudes… you don’t either. All that we need to know about God, we can see in creation. He teaches us through it. And though we should be praising and interacting with God all the time, we only do it in times of need and not in times when all is well.

Chapter 36 and 37… He seems to pause and take a breath finally “Stay with me a little longer…”

Elihu goes on to talk about God. How great he is. It is an amazing two chapters. He asks Job to use his eyes to see all that God does. It ends in Elihu saying that hes not dumb enough to challenge God.

In 38, God is going to finally get in on the conversation.

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