Thoughts on Job 38-42

Finally after 37 chapters of Job, Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar and Eliphaz whinings… God steps on stage and takes the mic.

God takes two chapters to interrogate Job. He unleashes his Omnipotence into the situation. Chapter 38 starts saying that “The Lord answered out of whirlwind or violent storm. Eliphaz left Job speechless. God dominates everything. While Job had insisted several times that God show up and declare his innocence. God came to question Job.

God didn’t come to answer Job’s questions. John MacArthur says, “He (G0d) asked Job if he was as eternal, great, powerful, wise and perfect as God. If not, Job would have been better off to be quiet and trust Him.”

This is something that is really difficult for us to do. I know it is for me.

God goes on a 2 chapter flurry of questions asking if Job was there when all of creation was created. He asks if Job is currently holding all of creation together and causing nature to happen. Did God need an answer? No. Of course not. This flurry of questions happened so that Job would be reminded of his place. It was humbling and helped to remind Job that God was sovereign.

Job’s answer in 40:4, “I lay my hand over my mouth.”

God isn’t done. God uses two more examples to ask Job if he would be able to contend with two creatures. The behemoth and the Leviathan. These are apparently large animals that walk the earth with man. I’ve heard it said that the Leviathan could have been “dinosaur like” still on earth after the flood (which means both of these survived the flood) Would Job be able to go toe to toe with these creatures? Of course not, then why would Job dare to go toe to toe with God, the creator of these creatures.

Chapter 42 ends the book in repentance. Job has torn off his pride. He is no longer on the offense. He isn’t in a defensive state either. He has found his strength on his knees in repentance towards his God.

God does indeed vindicate Job towards his friends. God turns his wrath upon the friends (although Elihu isn’t mentioned) His friends get to play a part in restoring Job. As you may know, Job ends up at the end of his life with more than he had at the beginning. I don’t think we’re only talking about Material stuff. Job has been to his knees and God restored him. That can fill you up like nothing else.

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