My Online Experience with the Georgia Department of Driver Services

Last night I tweeted:

By the time I returned to the Web site… looky what we have here. My opinion is valued. Heck yeah I’d be willing to answer some questions.

Sweet. The state is using Survey Monkey. At least they were smart enough to go with a reputable company for gathering feedback about my web experience.  Although, I imagine that there is one employee employed by the state that all he does is operate this one feedback form. What a life.

Did you find what you were looking for… Uh No.

If I answer no… shouldn’t you at least ask what it was that I was looking for. Hmmm. Failed opportunity.

Overall satisfaction. Nope.

Will you pay attention to my comments below. I doubt. I have no confidence in you.

No Thank you for your time.

Wait! you seriously just dumped my window session! At least take me back to your beautiful Web site so that I have the satisfaction of dumping you. This abrupt disconnection only furthers my belief that my opinion just hit the circular file cabinet. Oh well, at least this allows me to get back to work as I learn some code on Google’s code playground.

Luckily I have a phone a friend lifeline who was able to answer my question.

By the way, I still have no idea how you have 694 Facebook Fans.

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