Thoughts on Genesis 22-25

Genesis 22 starts off “some time later” as Issac has grown up some. This is the chapter that shows the depth of faith that Abraham has in God. Something that hasn’t hit me until reading through the chapter this time is how this ordeal would have affected Isaac. Surely he would have come away from the near death/sacrifice with a whole new appreciation of who God is and how he provided the ram.

You really can’t read this chapter and the account of the death of Jesus on the cross and miss the similarities between the two. Some time, I will have to do a comparative study of the two, because if you start even at the birth of Isaac and look at the shadows that are in his story, you will see many comparisons between he and Jesus.

God provides.

Chapter 23 tells of Sarah’s death. Abraham seeks out a burial site for her. He refuses to have it given to him. He insists on paying full price. Not sure if there is deeper meaning to this. Thoughts?  This site eventually becomes Abraham’s burial site as his bones will be returned here after the Jews return from Egypt and the wilderness.

Chapter 24 is all about finding a wife for Isaac. Abraham sent a servant back to his hometown trusting God that he would be led to a faithful and God fearing wife. We also meet Laban (who will play a role later)

This story is one of the many in the Bible that you can get caught in the details of the story and miss out on God’s involvement. Even though he does not speak in the story, he is there. He doesn’t tell Abraham “Send your servant to your home to find a wife for Isaac” but nonetheless, God answers prayers. We have to believe that Abraham and Isaac both were provided for in this answered prayer from the hand of God.

Chapter 25 shows a little of Abraham’s family tree and also shows the feuding that started between Ishmael and Isaac and continues today between the Jews and the Arabs. It also shows us God’s faithfulness toward Isaac and Rebekah. He answered prayers and gave them twin boys, Esau and Jacob. We’re also introduced to an odd favoritism of the sons from their parents. Jacob was loved more by Rebekah and Esau was loved more by Abraham.

There is the sin of Esau in which he gave up his birthright to Jacob in exchange for some stew. I’ve often wondered about this story and the story of the deception of their father Isaac. Where was God in this? Well, God had promised a nation to Abraham. We know that God keeps his promises. Esau surely was taught this promise, and he stupidity gave up his first born status for a cup of stew. Wow.

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