Thoughts on Genesis 26-28

I’m trying to get caught up on my reading and blogging through the Bible. This post isn’t as developed and thought out as some of the past ones have been. I think the key to these three chapters is that God Pursues.

So to start Genesis 26, there is famine in the land. Isaac may have been thinking that it was time to head south to Egypt for the betterment of his family and people, but God puts the halt to that agenda and tells him to stay. Stay right where you are… I’m gonna take care of you. He reminds Isaac about the promise that the world was going to be blessed through Isaac’s line.

So Isaac stays.

But he falls into the same cowardly trap as his father. He lies to leaders and peoples around him and says that Rebekah is his sister. What a wimp. God provides and blesses. There is the account of Esau at the end of 26 that details his marriages. The wives of Esau are “thorns in the side of Isaac and Rebekah.”

Chapter 27 and the first part of 28 is the story how Jacob (through rebekah’s leading) deceived Isaac to receive the blessing that rightfully Esau’s. This is an odd story that again you wonder where God is in all of this. Esau obviously gets upset and wants to kill his brother. His brother flees Jacob is gone for almost 20 years… probably not what Rebekah was intending when she warned him to go.

In mid 28, Jacob is confronted by God. This seems to be the start of the relationship between Jacob and God. This is a great example of God’s grace that came to someone who wasn’t necessarily seeking it. God pursues Jacob… not the other way around.

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