Sermon Notes: Revelation 1

Last Sunday the church that we’re going to stared a series called “Everything Is Going to Be Alright.” It is going to be an expository series through much of Revelation. It may be the entire book… I’m not positive.

Last week, Randy Pope led off the series asking us to put aside our past experiences and expectations about the book of Revelation. He challenged us to rediscover where Jesus is in the book and the fact that the revelation that is detailed in the book is his and not John’s.

Here are my notes from week one:

  • In verse 4, as a part of John’s introduction he opens mentions ‘Grace’ to the seven churches that are in Asia. Grace=Unmerited Favor from God on Undeserving People.
  • To him who loves us and freed us. Made us a kingdom, Priests… In the Old Testament and before Jesus, it was only the priests who could go before God. Because of Jesus, we’re all able to go before Him.
  • When Jesus comes back, Every eye will see Him. Even those who pierced Him will Wail on account of him. It will be no secret. There will be Wailing from those who missed Him.
  • Verses 9-20 are intense descriptions of Jesus.
    • In the midst of the lampstands
    • The Long Robe
    • Golden Sash
    • White Hair
    • Eyes like Flame of Fire
    • Feet like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace
    • Voice like roar of waters
    • Out of his Mouth came a sharp 2-edged sword
    • His Face was the like the sun shining in full strength
  • If we truly seek the Jesus listed above, our reaction would be that we would fall as Dead, but he will lift us up with Grace and Peace.

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One thought on “Sermon Notes: Revelation 1

  1. I love Revelation, despite it being a pretty tense read. I especially loved this: “His Face was the like the sun shining in full strength” — pure awesome.

    Looking forward to your notes on the rest of the series!