Thoughts on Genesis 34-36

Genesis, Chapter 34 is again one of those chapters that isn’t an SBC VBS flannelgraph lesson. It is a story of Dinah’s rape in the new land. After Jacob/Israel and family returned home, they settled in Schechem. Dinah decides to go and meet some of the ladies of the area. A local man sees her, grabs her and “defiles” her. Jacob apparently keeps the news a secret but eventually tells his sons (Dinah’s brothers) and they are “very wroth.” Not sure what that means, but I can only imagine.

They tell the men of the area that they can not marry into their family unless they are circumcised. Oh, is that all we need to do? Let’s go. After the ceremony, and after all the men are in “great pain” Simeon and Levi go Anakan Skywalker on them with their swords. They slaughter all males in Schechem.

It is a story of sin and you have to wonder where God is in this all. However, all throughout the Bible and history, sin ends up being used for God’s purposes. This is such an odd thing to keep into perspective. Even though sin is everywhere around us and we feel like we can’t live in this world, God’s promises and purposes prevail.

In chapter 35, Jacob/Israel continues to mature and grow closer to God. Jacob heads home to see his father Isaac. Isaac who hasn’t met his grandchildren yet. Can you imagine the stories that would be told. During the trip, Rachel, Jacob’s favorite wife, dies during birth of Benjamin in Bethlehem. Last of the twelve sons. Oh yeah the first of the sons sleeps with Jacob’s concubine Bilhah. Ich. He loses his firstborn status with this sin. Isaac meets his grandchildren and soon after dies.

Chapter 36 is a genealogy of Esau. We’ve met Jacob’s family and wives. Here the Bible gives us a quick look at the line of Esau… also blessed by God, but not the line of the promise and covenant by God. These two families who are in peace at the moment will not always be. Conflict will continue throughout the Bible and in to today.

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